Games Sonic Dash

Games Sonic Dash


You had to learn about the Sonic Dash yet?
Sonic Dash is an endless behind the running game, in which the blue hedgehog character must run as far as possible, avoiding all the obstacles to conquer completely.

The great thing about the Sonic Dash is the way it looks and feels like a proper adventure Sonic. From lush design of the set to move soundproofed, memories of the old Sonic games will come flooding back. The nostalgia factor is enhanced by the presence of the antagonist from the previous game.
Amazing Abilities
Utilise Sonic’s powers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed around loop de loops. Add defeat the enemy attacked with devastating homing of Sonic!
Besides being too many great pictures to bring the feeling of excitement when playing.
Do not miss the opportunity to become a hero Sonic Dash.


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